I think I’ve killed the plants!!

I’m not the best person at gardening, though I’m probably better at it than looking after house plants because at least the rain will water the plants when I forget to. (& I undoubtedly do!)

About a month ago I  bought a Mint plant for the kitchen (to use in all my summery drinks) & I was really pleased with myself as I had remembered to water it & prune it & it was growing wonderfully. So I decided that as I had discovered it was a Peppermint plant I would by a normal Mint plant & a Basil plant.

All had been going so well, I was still remembering to water them & prune them & we had used them in our cooking.
But lately, over the past few nights my enthusiasm has waned. I haven’t been paying attention & now although both the Mint plants look like they’ll pull through my Basil looks decidedly weak & feeble.


I have pruned all three plants & cut back the majority of the affected leaves but I fear if I do that any more to the Basil I won’t have any plant left!
I’m also concerned I may now be over watering to compensate.

Any ideas for the poor Basil plant? Maybe if I just leave it alone it will sort itself out.

I really shouldn’t be left in charge of house plants!!


3 thoughts on “I think I’ve killed the plants!!

  1. I’ve always found that basil doesn’t like temperature changes and bright sunlight, so I’d suggest popping it out of way somewhere. Mine always did best on the dining table, the kitchen seemed to upset him!

    • Sarah, thank you for the advice.
      Yes I think this may be the problem, though I’ve realised it far too late. Poor Basil has completely shrivelled & I’ve had to through him out 😦
      I have moved the two mint plants away from the kitchen window & out of direct sunlight. They look worse now than in the pictures I posted but they are showing new growth so with a little love & attention they should be ok.
      Fingers crossed!!

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