Kids Books: I Love You Little Monster by Giles Andreae & Jess Mikhail

This book caught B’s eye when we were out shopping as we like to call Small our ‘Little Monster’.

When we read it for the first time it was not what we expected (in a good way).
I had assumed (as I think did B) that it would be about the fun children can have with their parents & how they are often called ‘Little Monsters’.

Instead what we were presented with was a, wonderfully written, expression of a parents love for their child.

I guess it could be considered a little ‘lovey-dovey’ but in my opinion that is well avoided in the way it is written.
It deals with a parents guilt of not having enough time to play with their children & that being told off can seem unfair.
It leads on to what children can bring to their parent’s lives. How they are a brilliant example of how we all should live seeing everything as new & exciting.
My favourite line is near the end “My beautiful, wonderful, glorious child. You light up my world.”

In essence this helps parents to say what they might not be able to convey otherwise & I do think it serves children well to be told that they are special & loved, wanted & cherished.
In a world where we are told that doing this will spoil our children, maybe we should remember that by saying it every now & then their self worth & confidence will grow & they might become better people for it.


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