Knitting: Baby Blanket

As mentioned in my previous knitting post I have been creating some items for my brother & sister-in-law as they are expecting their first baby. She has now arrived a week & a half late. I’m so very excited at becoming an Auntie!! 🙂

I wanted to give them a blanket, this one sort of created itself as I went along:

Blanket Rolled

You will need:

x3 balls of Wendy Serenity ‘Super Chunky Wool’ for the main blanket
x1 ball of Sirdar Click ‘Chunky with Wool’ for the border
9mm Needles for the main blanket
6 1/2mm Needles for the border

  • Cast on 50 sts using the Serenity wool & 9mm needles.
  • *K25, P25 repeat for 25 rows
  • P25, K25 repeat for 25 rows*
  • Repeat from * to * once.
  • Cast off.
  • ^Using the 6 1/2mm needles & Click wool, pick up sts at the top of the blanket & knit 3 rows (loosely).^
  • Cast off.
  • Repeat from ^ to ^ on each side.

The blanket is approx 46cm x 80cm.

In hindsight I should probably have knitted the border a little more loosely or used wool that was the same thickness as the main blanket as the border was a little tight. However it does add texture to the overall blanket so I am happy with it. Plus the colours really go together. (Even if I do say so myself!)

Blanket EdgeBlanket Side


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