Film: Brave

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Ok, so Brave isn’t the most recent of films but I have only just got around to watching it. (It was on our Love Film list)

I have to admit to becoming a little obsessed with this film. I absolutely love it!
I’m not sure whether I love it so much because of the strong female hero, the changing relationship between mother & daughter, or the fact that Disney have finally drawn a female character in a more realistic way. (Although they have re-drawn her for their latest game ‘Infinity”.)

I will attempt to outline the story without giving too much away……

Merida (our hero) is a teenage girl living in Scotland with her Father (King Fergus), her mother (Queen Elinor) & her three brothers (who are troublesome triplets).
She is a strong willed lover of archery, determined to live life her way.

Her parents decide it is time for her to marry & have set about finding her a husband.

Feeling claustrophobic that her mother has too much control over her life Merida rebels with dire consequences!

Upon realising what she has done Merida tries to correct her mistake.

In doing so Queen Elinor sees Merida in a different light, realising the strength & courage of her daughter.
In return Merida realises how much she needs her mother.

I watched the film with B & Small.
Small enjoyed it until his attention span ran out & I have a feeling B only watched because I wanted to!
I love them both for humouring me!!

I thoroughly enjoyed it & think it will do wonders for young girls seeing a strong female hero.

It would also be lovely to see more female characters drawn in a similar way. (With hips & cheeks!) But that may be asking too much of Disney, especially as they have felt the need to change Merida’s appearance for their new game.
I’m not sure what message that gives but I guess it’s no different to what young girls are being told all over the media right now. (Maybe I should leave this rant for another post!!)

Light hearted & fun with a meaningful message.
A must see film for all the family.
4.5 Hearts

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