Race For Life

Race For Life me Polaroid

On the 9th June I participated in the Tunbridge Wells Race For Life.

It was my first time & I really enjoyed it.

I was inspired to race because my best friend has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.
After speaking with her doctors about their plan of attack for her she became very positive that she was going to beat cancer & live a cancer free life.

My reaction to her diagnosis was mixed. I was pleased that she was positive for her future, but I was also devastated by the news.
My experiences of cancer are that is kills. Coming from what some might call an abnormally healthy family I am not used to dealing with major illness in the ones I love.

As a very proactive person I struggled with not being able to do anything to help my best friend recover. I was quite literally helplessly watching from the sidelines.

I decided quite early on after hearing about her cancer that I would run in the Race For Life. I knew that the money I raised would not necessarily help her directly but I wanted to help others who may be diagnosed in the future. It helped me to cope.

Initially I was not sure how much I would raise & chose a target of £500 on my justgiving page (www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/katiehill85) to inspire people to give, not thinking that I would reach it.
On the day of the race I had raised over £300 & I was happy with that. However, the donations kept coming in & a few days after the race I had reached my target of £500!

I am so thankful to all of those people who have donated.

I have not directly helped my best friend but I will have directly helped someone in the future. The research that this money will help to fund will affect a great many lives & I am proud to say that I raised it.

Race For Life medal Polaroid

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One thought on “Race For Life

  1. Congratulations on reaching your target. It is a very worthy cause and I hope Jo’s treatment is progressing well. Grandma. Xx

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