Why did she make things?

Why did she make things?

Image taken from Upcycling http://www.facebook.com/upcyclista

For me creating things feels like it is part of me.
It is a passion that makes me happy but it is also more than that. It is something that runs through me changes the way I think about things.

I’d like to think that those who are creative have brains that are wired differently to everyone else.
That our creativity makes us look at the world differently, come at problems from a different angle, see beauty where others might not see any.

Maybe I’m idealising it.
You may agree with me, you may not.
All I know is creating something from nothing makes me happy & feel like I affect the world in some way.

Maybe it’s my therapy.


2 thoughts on “Why did she make things?

  1. I can understand completely how you feel. Being creative, making something from the scratch is for me the best way to counter my office job. And I guess you are right, it sometimes is like therapy!

    • I work in an office too & although my job is creative, as I design a catalogue & deal with our social media, it’s all computer based so not quite the same as making something with your hands.

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