Little old me

As this is my first post I thought I would write a little about myself.

I live with my husband (B) & son (Small).
At the moment the 3 of us are squeezed into a 1 bedroom flat which B & I bought before we got married.
We are currently looking to move & have put our flat on the market.
I can’t wait to find somewhere to nest & create a family home (with hopefully lots more children!!).

I was recently discussing with B how I didn’t feel like I was being creative anymore (something I used to pride myself on).
I used to paint, write poems & sing & that all seems to have gone out of the window as I’ve grown up, left school & “grown up” life seems to have taken over!
He pointed out that I still do many creative things such as knitting, baking & the occasional photography. (& I do still sing my little heart out when I’m driving to & from work!)
He’s right of course, I just hadn’t made the link.

Part of this blog will be to share the creative things that I make, to not only remind myself that I still have it in me but to share my passions with other like minded people.

I hope that through this blog I will inspire & be inspired.

Let the adventure begin……………..!!!!


2 thoughts on “Little old me

  1. Welcome to wordpress! I found your blog because I was looking for blogs about knitting. So if you have any tips or inspiration, please share!

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